About Bossa Hearing

Founded in 2021, Bossa Hearing has swiftly become a trailblazer in the auditory care landscape, embarking on a mission to revolutionize the accessibility of top-tier rechargeable hearing aids. Nestled at 15953 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite A, Scottsdale, AZ, our headquarters serves as the epicenter of our commitment to innovation and affordability. With a dedicated team of 15 passionate employees, Bossa Hearing is rewriting the narrative of hearing assistance. From cutting-edge product development to customer-centric care, we ensure a seamless journey for our clients, empowering them to rediscover the clarity of sound in their daily lives. At the forefront of our offerings is the TX-5 Mini, a best-seller priced at $89. This discreet yet powerful hearing aid boasts clear amplification, an inconspicuous design, and the revolutionary X5 microchip. Advanced noise reduction technology sets it apart, enabling users to navigate noisy environments while maintaining crystal-clear conversations. The TX-5 Mini is the epitome of reliability and discretion. Taking auditory experiences to new heights, Bossa introduces the ProTon Max at $247—an innovation in the realm of 100% digital hearing aids. It promises an unparalleled auditory journey with crystal-clear sound, minimal background noise, and customizable settings tailored to diverse environments. Whether in a bustling city or a serene library, the ProTon Max adapts, ensuring optimal hearing experiences. At Bossa Hearing, our philosophy revolves around making high-quality auditory care accessible to everyone. Join us on a transformative odyssey where innovation converges with affordability, and rekindle the delight of crystal-clear sound in every facet of your life.